MaleOverhaul featured in June 2015 The Cutthroat Journal Barber Magazine

May 27, 2015 in Promotions

This month MaleOverhaul is proud to announce our invitation to being featured in the June 2015 barber trade journal ‘The Cutthroat Journal’. Check us out on page 37!  

Gift Certificates

September 26, 2013 in Sales

      The most personal and considerate gift you can give is the gift of grooming and pampering. They will love you for it! People love to feel and look their best. Do you know a male or couple living in our Upper Blue Mountains coverage area and want them to receive a MaleOverhaul service? MaleOverhaul Gift Certificates are an easy, thoughtful way to give the gift of grooming and pampering to your mate, Dad, Uncle, kids, spouse, partner or family member. Choose from our amazing range of Massage Treatments or Barber Services to ensure your occasion is well
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The Benefits of Stretching

September 23, 2013 in Massage Info

  Here at MaleOverhaul we always recommend stretching in between our treatments. We give you a tailored stretching task at the end of every booking. Think of it as a partnership to ensure change in your body. We start the process with massage therapy, and you continue it in your daily life with a regular stretching routine to ensure that with each session we are not just back at square one but further down the track towards improvement in your body. Stretching has so many benefits. Just start a program of stretching, and you’ll soon notice many of them. Some
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Ten Great Reasons To Get A Massage

September 23, 2013 in Massage Info

  If you’ve ever needed a good reason to justify investing in a Relaxation or Remedial Massage Therapy Treatment, here’s 10: Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain Reduces stress Deeper sleep Reduces depression Improves range of motion Improves skin’s condition Reduces soreness in muscles Improves circulation Helps with mental alertness It feels great! So, that settles it. You need a MaleOverhaul! We invite you to book in a massage with MaleOverhaul today!  

The Daily Face Overhaul – How to Shave Your Face Well

September 23, 2013 in Grooming Info

  Preparation: Every face has completely unique hair growth patterns so there is no template for all men to follow when shaving. The only way to get your closest shave and avoid cuts is to firstly observe your unique facial hair growth pattern. This is best observed with a 3 day growth in a mirror with good lighting. Feel and see the direction hair grows on either side of your face, above the lip, below the lips, under the chin and either side of the neck. Are there any bumps or moles to avoid.? Notice what areas are irritated and
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