Ship’s Barber 2008

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In 2008, Nick was accepted to go to London and train to take a contract position as 'The Ship's Barber' at one of Steiner Transocean's 200 'Greenhouse Day Spa's on passenger liners, at sea. After 6 weeks in London and a lot of hard work learning Steiner's particular facials, shave treatments and massage treatments, along with how to be a crew member at sea, he was picked to be The Barber for a 'new build' called 'The Eurodam' which was 4 weeks from being sent off on its maiden voyage from Venice! We were flown to Venice to spend a month setting up a new day spa on that ship! Boy did we have an adventure! We worked so hard. We travelled for 3 months in The Baltics, 3 months to the East Coast of US and Canada, and 3 months in The Caribbean. You can tell how tired I was in these photos! We were able to go ashore to every port.

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