The Daily Face Overhaul – How to Shave Your Face Well

September 23, 2013 in Grooming Info

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pics of shower caddies and shaving areas in bathrooms

Every face has completely unique hair growth patterns so there is no template for all men to follow when shaving.
The only way to get your closest shave and avoid cuts is to firstly observe your unique facial hair growth pattern. This is best observed with a 3 day growth in a mirror with good lighting.
Feel and see the direction hair grows on either side of your face, above the lip, below the lips, under the chin and either side of the neck. Are there any bumps or moles to avoid.? Notice what areas are irritated and sore or even scarred from previous shaves. Lets call this stage 'handsome level 1'. Lets see if we can kick it up a few notches eh?!  🙂
If you are shaving in a beard design, visit and get some ideas and remember to ask your barber what beard styles would suit your face shape


Nobody likes to look old before their time, so to preserve your face as young as possible for as long as possible, a routine is needed to put your best face forward on a daily basis. How do we do that with as little fuss n bother as possible? Well it's easy.
Grab yourself a decent men's face cleanser for your unique skin type and use it every morning in the shower, and then at night in the shower or before bed. Use a scrub every few days instead but when not using the scrub use a face cleanser morning and night.


First take a minute to notice and feel what unique direction your beard actually grows. Feel especially the direction of growth under the chin and jaw and any other sensitive areas or place you know you always nick yourself.

If you have more than a few days growth then do your razor a favour by using an electric body clipper over your face first to get it as close as possible before using those expensive blades. We don't want to clog or blunt them before their time.

Method 1. In the shower
You can install a magnified shaving mirror in your shower at face level to minimise mess in the bathroom and get all showering and shaving done all in the one place. Hang all your shave products on a shower caddy over the shower head.. This is my preference as the face is warm and it takes less time shaving, and there is NO mess afterwards.

Method 2. At the basin
Have all your products within easy reach in a large mirror cabinet right in front of you at the basin. Take note of your unique direction of beard growth.
Splash Face with warm (not really hot) water over your face from sink tap (or shower). Cleanse the face with a face cleanser or use a scrub. When using a scrub, rub lightly in circles to remove dead skin cells and open pores. Splash with more warm water.
Rub a small amount of Shave Oil over the shave area in circles.
If the beard is particularly tough use some non alcohol based shave cream over the oil into the beard using a shave brush or fingers.
Pick a small section on one side of the face and using a multiple bladed razor, firstly shave 'WITH the grain' of the hair growth.
Then shave 'ACROSS the grain' of hair growth to get a bit closer. (this is the secret to a super close shave)
Now shave 'AGAINST the grain' of hair growth.
After each swipe of the blade, rinse (not tap the blade) under the warm tap water. It should be as smooth as a baby's bum in that patch.
Repeat this across the face in sections always feeling first with fingertips to check which way the grain of hair growth is going first.
Rinse face with TEPID TO COOL water and PAT dry with towel.


Some blokes don't want to use a moisturiser for fear of 'appearing like a woman'. This is a fallacy as using a face cream only preserves who you already are. It can't feminise you or alter your face or behavior, especially if you are using skin products designed for men, which would either have no smell or a masculine smell, and would not make the skin appear shiny or unnatural. Men's skincare will only improve the masculine man you already are, and allow you to look that way for as long as possible.

After cleansing the skin and shaving, always finish with a moisturiser for your unique skin type. For best face preservation and maximum skin condition use a 'day moisturiser' in the day and a 'night moisturiser' at night. They are designed for when the skin is either out in the elements, or at rest.

Optional Extra: Use an Eye Cream around the eyes to reduce crows feet. Dab it sparingly around the eyes on the bones, not on the eyelid. Let it seep in towards the eyes to preserve a younger you.

Think of your skin in this way. The skin around your eyes is like tissue paper. The skin on the rest of your face is like paper, and the rest of your body is like cardboard, so it's important that we treat the different skin areas in different ways with different kinds of skincare.

We don't use a body moisturiser on the face or eyes because its too thick and gluggy for that skin. In the same way we don't waste the lighter, more expensive eye or face cream on the legs or arms as you would use it up too quickly and it wouldn't provide the moisture needed for those areas.

How good does that feel? Is that not the closest shave you've ever had?

You have started a healthy habit that if held for a lifetime will preserve your good looks for as long as possible and will delete any problems you were having with nicks or ingrown hairs or irritations. Man you must be at 'handsome level 10' by now! Good work! Not only that, but you will eliminate the problem of your significant other getting a face rash! 🙂

by Nick Hood © 2013