Mobile Barber Services & Price List

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  • MaleOverhaul Barber services are administered by Nicholas Hood, an accredited Barber with 17yrs extensive National and International experience, including a prestigious (and adventurous) contract at sea employed by Steiner Transocean, as The Ship's Barber in the $6mil Greenhouse Spa on the Holland America Line's maiden voyage of The Eurodam. Learn more about Nick here.
  • We do style fashion cuts, clipper cuts, flat tops, good ol' short back 'n sides, and even creative etching designs into clipper cuts. We specialise in beard grooming, trimming and styling.
  • We don't do hair colour, face shaves or hair washing. Please wash hair before service. No Pensioner discounts for mobile service unless with another Adult cut.
  • Razors may be used for edges and neck cleanups.
  • Home care products may be recommended as tools to empower you to upkeep your Overhaul on a daily basis.
  • We encourage you to print out any haircuts you like from our Gallery or Links pages, or anywhere else (or a photo of yourself with a previous haircut that you liked), and bring along as a helpful guide only.
  • Minimum total for any MaleOverhaul mobile visit is $37. Only Adult prices are discounted in larger numbers. No Pensioner discounts for mobile services unless with another Adult cut.
  • Kids and high school cuts welcome, along with another service, or pay minimum of $37 for a visit.
  • Prices include travel to you! We currently work between Hazelbrook and Lithgow NSW within the coverage map to the right of this site >>
  • EFTPOS available for your convenience (+$1 fee), or you can pay with your bank's phone app, Paypal, or just cash.
  • Go here to book or enquire.

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Mobile Barber Services & Price List   $40 minimum mobile service between Hazelbrook and Lithgow

Prices as of February 2015 (Subject to change without notice)

List of Services Price Description
Regular Men's Style Cut $40 Scissor only cuts or scissors and clipper cuts. From short back n sides to fauhawks, mohawks and spikes, we do 'em all! Regular Men's Haircut
Clipper Cut $33 (With Another Service) Clippers used only. i.e buzz cut with or without fade. Excluding flattops. Try a $5 hair wash afterwards. Clipper Cut
Longer Hair Re-Style From $45 Longer time for designing a change from a longer Style to a shorter style. Longer Hair Restyle
Beard Trim/Shape $15 (With Another Service) Includes shaved edges Beard Trim
Babies to High School Cuts $30 (With Another Service) the coolest kids cuts. Add in some crazy hair carving art for special occasions- from $5 extra. ask for quote. Babies to Preschool Cuts
Back/Shoulders/Neck clip/shave from $20 ask for quote Visual removal of unwanted neck, back and shoulder hair. Dry shaver method or wet double blade shaver methods. Can be combined with seated back neck scalp and shoulder massage at $1 a min or before any massage.
Body Clipping

Weddings: Prepare the Groom and Groomsmen!

Nick loves serving the Groomsmen for weddings! I am built for this!
Whether you are an opposite sex or same sex couple I love to serve your groomsmen! This is the perfect opportunity to take up my MaleOverhaul Weddings package.
I can arrive at your accommodation early on the day to prepare your Groom/s and Groomsmen. Usually the Photographer captures this special preparation time and leading up to being fully dressed for the formal photos.
You can pay individually or all at once at the end. I can give a quote over the phone when you book
So what do I offer?

  • 30min kneel chair massage for each Groomsman/person to totally relax prior to the big event. I use remedial and relaxation techniques techniques, one person after the other.
  • Haircuts and beard trims for the Groom/s and each Groomsman to give a uniform look and level of grooming for your precious photos.
    All cuts are finished with products to hold for the duration of the day.
    NOTE: Sorry I don't offer cutthroat shaves as the equipment needed to heat towels is not practical for a mobile Barber and as I cant lug around a salon Barber Chair to properly support the head. But I do cutthroat the back of the neck and around hairlines if needed.
    I will clearly clipper in beard outlines for your own shaving.
    I recommend telling your groomsmen not to get a cut 3 weeks prior to the wedding day.


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