Our Massage Clinic & Grooming Room

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MaleOverhaul offers a Blackheath 'Massage Clinic & Grooming Room' for you to visit us. Please book at least 2 days in advance for these venues. Our booking prices for these venues are at mobile Massage Therapy and mobile Barber Services rates.

Reasons why you may want to visit us, instead of us visiting you.

  • You are a day visitor to the Blue Mountains and don't have a place for us to visit you.
  • It does not suit you to have us visit you.
  • There is not enough room at your place for us to deliver our services properly.
  • You simply want to get out of the house!

What Services do we offer at this venue?

Blackheath Massage Clinic & Grooming Room

Our Blackheath Massage & Grooming Room is situated at the historically beautiful Kubba Roonga Guesthouse.

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