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Setup Information: What should you expect?  What do we provide?  What do you need to provide?

Your Barber/Massage Therapist arrives in a black holden ute completely decked out to carry all the essential equipment required for a professional barber and/or therapeutic massage.
The MaleOverhaul road cases are jammed full of professional salon equipment to allow us to provide our customers with the closest experience to a Barber Shop or Massage Clinic as possible.
To assist us in providing this full experience there are a few obvious and basic things we need you to provide:

For Barber Services       

What we need you to provide:

  • Power Socket- For the use of or clippers, hairdryer and iPod. We have long extension leads so they are not necessarily required to be close by.
  • At Least a 2m x 2m space to work in, preferably on a hard floor. We can spread out a tarp to protect your home from messy hair, if needed. A kitchen, balcony or even a well lit garage on the ground level of your home or holiday stay would suffice nicely. We can fit into small bathrooms too. This is your experience so it is completely up to you where we serve you. An outside balcony or veranda is especially nice on a bright sunny day. Good Overhead Lighting or good natural light.
  • A Broom or Vacuum Cleaner to assist us with our final clean up. This ensures we leave the premises clean and tidy before we leave.  🙂

What we provide:

  • The best haircuts around! We take our time to ensure your haircut not only suits you but is finished to perfection.
  • A professional Mobile Barber Salon - We arrive with a portable, mobile salon road case on wheels including a chair and mirror!
  • Cleaning - we clean up after ourselves and never leave a mess.  🙂
  • It goes without saying; we provide great conversation, top quality value haircuts, and a smile!    🙂
  • Remember we have a mobile EFTPOS machine so you do not have to provide cash payment.

Value for Money - your 10th haircut is FREE. Make sure we stamp your rewards card!


For Massage Therapy        

What we need you to provide, and your own preparations:

  • A preheated warm room in cooler months. Feeling cold during a massage is torture!
    OR in warmer months, an air conditioned cool room or at least put on a fan for airflow please. Sticky sweaty stifley rooms aren't nice either for client or therapist.
  • A quiet, private space at least 3m x 4m, free of all interruptions (including animals and people) for the duration of the massage, preferably on the ground floor of your home or holiday stay. Think of us dragging things up stairs.
  • Access to power socket for our iPod player.
  • Access to water and a bathroom for washing hands etc. We bring our own hand soap.
  • Access to a microwave to warm a heat pack, if necessary.
  • Underwear is required to be worn during all massage therapy work. We recommend jocks not boxers. please wear undies not boxers
    Wear shorts over jocks if you like, to wear during a standing postural assessment before the massage.
    We also provide draping during the massage in the form of towels. Draping is compulsory. This is NOT a sexual service. Please respect professional boundaries.
  • Other Recommendations: Plan to have your massage after the days work so you can re-hydrate and relax and truly get the most of your investment.
  • Avoid a heavy meal 2 hours prior to your treatment
  • Avoid any caffeine-related food or beverages to easily relax during your treatment
  • Relax your muscles and prepare them for your Therapists work with a warm spa bath, bubble bath or shower before your treatment. This make a huge difference to the massage. Just drink water after your bathing to rehydrate.
  • Consider shaving/clippering any excessive body hair to avoid unnecessary discomfort during the massage (We can provide this service before the massage at extra cost)
  • Please avoid strong colognes, perfumes or hairsprays on the body during your massage therapy. We may use aroma therapy oils during the massage and they would be less effective with the presence of other aromas.

What we provide:

  • We arrive with a trolley bag full of tools to ensure you get as close to a spa/clinic service as possible.
  • Massage table. We use long and wide man size tables! No more squeezing onto those short and narrow tables. We may also bring our lean chair for upright Remedial work at the start.
  • Towels and pillows. Our tailor made long and wide man size towels will cover you properly and keep you warm. No face lines with our comfy face support towels! Our towels are always fresh and clean because we wash them after every client.
  • Table Warmer. The table is warmed by an electric blanket covered in a sheepskin rug for extra comfort during your treatment.
  • Music. This is your experience so please feel free to play your own music, however we do have several good playlists of a variety of relaxation styles on our iPod player, but feel free to play whatever relaxes you. You can use our player with your iPod, or play our iPod in your player. You can let us know at booking time or on the day.
  • Heater. We can use our small blow heater that warms a room fast, but for a less dry air we recommend preheating the room with an oil heater or wood fireplace or similar for at least an hour beforehand. We use towels for draping which protect from cold but lying still for up to 90mins requires the air in the room to be warm to start with. In colder months you could have a massage by a fire or in warmer months have it outside on a balcony. Be inventive.
  • We always leave your home as clean as when we arrived! 🙂
  • Client Forms. All MaleOverhaul massage therapy treatments are recorded accurately and professionally and filed in a secure location. Any details about you are kept private and we only email relevant updates and messages regarding our service.
  • A receipt to claim a remedial massage. You can claim a remedial massage with most health insurance companies. Check with your provider.
  • Remember we have a mobile EFTPOS machine so you do not have to provide cash payment. ($1 small fee)

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