The Overhaul Marquee @ Music Festivals

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Welcome to 'The Overhaul' Marquee web page!

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Nick from MaleOverhaul is also the organiser of a revolutionary mobile massage and grooming venue called 'The Overhaul' Marquee, comprising of a team of Massage Therapists and a Barber, who visit music festivals within NSW, providing a wide array of professional massage treatments and quality grooming services to any festival goer.
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How we work:
We camp on site at each festival in tents or in our marquee, and work all day for several days. We have our own manager to organise us.
It's an amazing experience for us to get out of our everyday working lives, work together with like minded colleagues, experiencing bands and extraordinary people and atmosphere.

What we offer:
Massage Therapy
We offer kneel chair 15min and 30min massage in the open, along with 60min and 90min massages in private clinic rooms with change room tents.
We offer Remedial, Swedish, and now Shiatsu massage therapy. Massage Tables are heated! EFTPOS available. Receipts given for remedial treatments for you to claim on your health cover. We also offer discount incentives for returning clients.
Barber Services
Festival goers can get a haircut, beard trim, maybe some crazy temporary colour or creative etchings in shorter styles, and a complimentary machine foot massage. Familes love the service and everyone is fascinated to watch a Barber at work!
We recommend and sell hair grooming products.

Check out our new marquee in the photo gallery below! We hope to see you soon for a booking at one of the music festivals!

Festival Flyer:
Click to open 'The Overhaul' Marquee - Festival Flyer PDF containing info on:
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  • How to make a Booking during Festivals (no pre-bookings)
  • Therapists business details and contact info, with clickable links
  • Our special Festival Services and special Festival Price Lists

Positions Available:

  • We seek a creative and adaptable ladies Hairdresser who has another profitable talent to compliment the hairdressing. For example Face Painter or fake tattoo artist. You might offer hair wraps or extensions or feathers.
  • If you are a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist or have achieved another suitable modality and currently registered in an Association, and you have viewed our past event photos below, and think working in this way suits you, then please email us here: with your details, and when we need people, we will contact you. Thanks.

Music Festival #1 for 'The Overhaul' Marquee - 'The Gum Ball' - April 2013.

See 'The Gum Ball' on Facebook.
Reviews: Gum Ball Review 1      Gum Ball Review 2

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Music Festival #2 for 'The Overhaul' Marquee - The Canberra Country Blues and Roots Festival November 15-17 2013.

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