Welcome to MaleOverhaul, your local mobile Barber & Massage Therapist, serving between Hazelbrook and Lithgow NSW Australia.

Established in 2011, MaleOverhaul was set up in a mobile capacity to serve locals, tourists, the housebound, the elderly and handicapped, and the lazy at their homes and holiday stays, and also the odd festivals and event around NSW, for both Barber Services and Massage Therapy.

Nicholas was invited to partner with an upper mountains pub 6 years ago to present a weekly pop up "Barbershop Outpost" which was a great success and this has really changed the service to include partnering with other local venues in a mutually beneficial arrangement, therefore reaching locals in a more traditional way.
Some venues have taken off and lasted many years and others have come and gone, but today Nicholas is offering four Barbershop Outpost afternoons in two upper Blue Mountains venues including a shop front and a pub, providing a quality, reliable and convenient weekly upper mountains service at affordable Barbershop prices. Just walk in!

Other mobile specialities that have evolved include a unique “groom the Groom and Groomsmen” service for wedding day mornings around the Blue Mountains, and a bookable local Massage Therapy clinic space in a 140 year old historic Blackheath Guesthouse providing a quiet space for locals and tourists alike to retreat and truly be pampered.

Have a good read of the site for up to date info!

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