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Welcome to MaleOverhaul online.

We are an Upper Blue Mountains based mobile Grooming and Massage Therapy service focusing on males who are living or visiting between Hazelbrook and Lithgow NSW, Australia. Our popular handy mobile service has been successfully providing men, teens and boys with quality Barber Services; and men or couples with professional individual or couples Massage Therapy, to your place or ours, since 2011. With over 20 years professional experience, you are assured to receive the best service around. We strive to provide a unique and vital mix of services that fills a real gap in the tourism and local markets. You are invited to explore the services offered on this site, and then book a 'MaleOverhaul' experience today! Watch out, MaleOverhaul's are addictive! Our clients just keep re-booking.  :)

So, at a glance, what exactly do we offer?....

MaleOverhaul currently offers  main service delivery options: 

 Mobile - We visit you at your home or holiday stay, between Hazelbrook and Lithgow NSW. Book now.

It's a Barber Service for Men, Teens and Boys, and/or a Mobile Remedial or Relaxation Massage Therapy service for men or couples, or combine both services like many of our clients do on a regular basis! Our Client Service Area is between Lithgow and Hazelbrook NSW (See map to the right). Are you staying a tad outside our client coverage area? Call us just in case anyway for a quote. See new updated price list effective Feb 2015.

 You visit us - at our Katoomba or Blackheath 'Massage & Grooming Venues'Book now.

  • Our Katoomba Massage & Grooming Venue is located in a classic, heritage, 100 year old stately Katoomba mansion. The address is provided at booking which is required to be made at least 2 days in advance. Here we provide our signature 'overhaul' mix of remedial or relaxation massage therapy, along with barber services, or just massage therapy services alone. Perfect if you prefer to come to us.

 (watch slideshow or click through pics, hover mouse over pics for more info) 

 (watch slideshow or click through pics, hover mouse over pics for more info)

 You visit us at our Barbershop Outpost in Blackheath (Monday)           No bookings necessary. Just walk in. Haircuts only, for Men, Teens and Boy's.

- BLACKHEATH - Mondays 3pm - 7pm

Located at The New Ivanhoe Hotel at 231 Great Western Highway, Blackheath NSW, this location is perfect for walk-in customers who enjoy the "barber experience" with a casual drink from the bar, or perhaps a meal afterwards. So convenient for after school haircuts. Perfect for men who need a later haircut after work, and can never make it time before the 'normal' shops close. The MaleOverhaul Monday Barbershop Outpost is open for quality haircuts and beard trims only. We can do fashion cuts, flat tops, good ol' short back and sides and even creative etching designs into clipper cuts. Closed Public Holidays. See map for location.

(Watch slideshow or click through pics. Hover mouse over pics for more info.)


 NOTICE : NEW second Barbershop announced for Fridays at The Family Hotel 15 Parke Street Katoomba, launching Friday 1st May 2pm to 7pm (trial times)!!

Our Clients Include...Relax with a luxury foot massage whilst you have your haircut!

  • All males who appreciate the convenience, and enjoy the indulgence of a professional, experienced and fully equipped male barber and massage therapist, who comes to their home or holiday stay between Hazelbrook and Lithgow in the upper Blue Mountains of NSW.
  • Parents with boys or teens who wish to enjoy the hair cutting experience in the privacy and convenience of their own home, saving them the distant travel to local shopping centres.
  • Perfect for parents dropping kids in after school to one of our Barbershop Outposts for cuts during a weekly shop at Blackheath or Katoomba.
  • Any males needing a local haircut in Blackheath or Katoomba. Great for men finishing work late. We don't finish till 7pm!
  • Males or couples wanting a therapeutic massage in the familiarity, comfort and privacy of their own home or holiday stay, or at either of our Katoomba or Blackheath Massage and Grooming Venues, who enjoy a good professional relationship with their trusted barber/massage therapist and know they are getting exactly what they want.
  • Visitors to the mountains and surrounds staying in Katoomba or Blackheath or surrounding regions, in Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts ( B&B's) retreats, holiday homes and weekenders. A remedial or relaxation massage is particularly beneficial after a long bush walk through the Blue Mountains. Let us add to your wonderful Mountains experience by visiting you!
  • Housebound Elderly or disabled men and/or couples residing in retirement villages or homes or in their own residence. We come to you, eliminating the stress and inconvenience of travel to busy shopping centres. We will have you looking your best in no time. Massage Therapy treats people with injuries, chronic or acute pain or can simply just assist with the physical relief of day to day stress.
  • Note: If you don't have the space for us to come to you, or you do not feel comfortable with visitors to your home or holiday stay, please remember; if you want massage therapy, or both massage therapy and barber services, you can visit one of our massage and grooming venues in Katoomba or Blackheath. Not sure of your specific need? Email us via our Contact Form or call to discuss.
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