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MaleOverhaul  is owned and run by Nicholas Hood. This business concept was conceived by Nick back in 2003. The original dream was to open a Men's Grooming Centre with a cafe, barbershop, massage therapy rooms, body grooming rooms, spray tanning, targeting the then 'metrosexual' type of males. The expense was too much at the time and so the concept was shelved for Nick to gain more experience in other areas of the Spa industry, until now...


To date, Nick has 21years experience in the Barber Industry and 9 years in the Massage Therapy Industry, and has worked all over Adelaide, Sydney in Barbershops and chains and major hair salons, and also on board passenger liners globally, serving males of all ages and walks of life. Specialising in Barbering within the Hairdressing Industry has ensured he has always worked, and due to the fact the Barber Industry now has no dedicated Barber Training in Australia, the industry is in threat of dying out.

It was decided to launch MaleOverhaul as a mobile service here in the Upper Blue Mountains of NSW because there are no Barbers between Hazelbrook and Lithgow, no male massage therapists promoting to males or even couples, and no one else offers this combination of services anywhere. The added bonus of being able to have professional massage therapy along with a haircut creates a unique 'overhaul' for men who appreciate such services.

There is no plan now to open a permanent full time Barbershop/Clinic because Nick's focus is reaching people where they are, and that seems to suit the needs of the upper Blue Mountains residents, and those who visit there.

Working at Sea

One of Nick's most prestigious jobs was when he won a prestigious contract with Steiner Transocean and was employed as "The Ships Barber" on Holland America Line's passenger liner 'The Eurodam' in 2008. A typical booking included a facial, face shave including hot towels, haircut and massage therapy, all whilst looking out to the sea. He was privileged to work in The Eurodam's 6 million dollar 'Greenhouse Spa' during the ocean liner's maiden voyage from its birth in the shipyards in Venice, to its inaugural voyage doing a season of cruises around the Baltic regions, then cruises around the east coast of the US and Canada and then ending in a season of cruising The Caribbean. It was during this 11 month contract that Nick learned some massage therapy and clearly saw how the mix of massage and barber services are so appreciated and well needed by males.

*Relax and watch slideshow, or click through the 75 photos(selected out of 10,500 photos taken) - hover mouse over photos to see captions of Nick's Eurodam world trip, whilst listening to Nick's fav relaxation track from the Greenhouse Spa. 🙂  So, could you work at sea?

Greenhouse SpaHolland America's Eurodam

'The Hydropool in 'The Greenhouse Spa' on 'The Eurodam' passenger liner. (left).     The Eurodam (right)

Remedial Massage Therapist

Nick is also a Remedial Massage Therapist, fully accredited with a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and is a recognised member of AMT (Association of Massage Therapists).

In 2010 Nick graduated from The Western Sydney Institute of TAFE in Katoomba with a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy. In 2011 Nick completed the NEIS course with a Cert 3 in Small Business Management. Nick has also since completed the Hot Stones post grad course at the same TAFE. See all certification.

Starting the Business

In 2011 MaleOverhaul was born and Nick started to serve between Hazelbrook and Lithgow NSW - 30mins around Nick's home of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.  The service was immediately embraced by many men and families and it is growing strong to date.

Nick says, "For years Upper Mountains males have had to go as far down as Springwood or Penrith, or as far west as Bathurst just to find a real barber, but not anymore." Nick clearly recognised this need in the market. 
MaleOverhaul, a mobile barber and massage therapy service dedicated to male grooming and therapies was launched in 2011 to specifically help fill this market need.


Nicholas Hood (left)

Nicholas Hood (left) Max Paul (right)

"It's about time the area received a dedicated barber service" Nick says." "The Upper Mountains is renowned for its day spas and massage therapy, but no one has combined barber services and massage therapy to specifically cater for men".

Nick says "MaleOverhaul's focus is to specifically provide a unique grooming and therapy service for males, by males. We do however offer a choice of male or female second therapist for our couples treatments. We aim to provide these services to males in the comfort, familiarity and convenience of their homes, holiday homes, as well as from B and B's, hotels, motels, retirement villages and offices or our Katoomba Venue, or of course our Monday Barbershop."

The Black Ute

The MaleOverhaul black ute is on its way to you!

No more packing up the kids for haircuts and waiting for ages in noisy salons, because now the barber can come to you!" Arriving in the MaleOverhaul black ute, Nick arrives to his client's doors with road cases packed full of professional barbering and/or massage therapy equipment. He is set up in minutes in the comfort, privacy and peace of their homes or holiday stays bringing them as close to a professional, friendly barber shop or massage therapy clinic as possible. 

Our other Therapists for couples massage therapy  include: Max Paul, Tina Peters and Lucy Gibbon.

Nick works with other Therapists too during music festival events. 'The Overhaul Marquee' is Nicks new venture to allow therapists and other professionals to work and socialise together in a busy and challenging, stimulating environment, and to experience a change from normal working environments.

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